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Served Monday-Saturday 6pm-9pm


Soup of the day served with a bread roll (V) £3.95
Breaded Camembert with a red onion chutney (V) £4.50
Prawn cocktail £4.50
Spicy crab cakes with a Thai chilli dip £4.50
Meatballs in a spiced tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and served with cheesy garlic bread £5.50
Chilli nachos (to share) - beef chilli, cheesy nachos & jalapeños £6.95


8oz rump steak with beer battered onion rings, mushrooms, chips & salad £10.95
Mushroom sauce £2.50 Stilton sauce £2.50. Pepper sauce £2.50
Lasagne served with cheesy garlic bread & salad £8.95
Beer battered cod, served with chips and mushy peas £9.95
Scampi, chips and peas £7.45
Beef chilli topped with cheese, served with rice & salad £8.45
Ham, egg, chips & salad £6.95
Gammon & pineapple or egg with chips and salad £8.95
Lentil & vegetable shepherds pie with vegetables and gravy (vegan)£7.45


The Saddle burger-6oz homemade beef burger topped with cheese & tomato £8.45
Spicy bean burger with sliced tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce £7.49
All our burgers are served with beer battered onion rings, chips, coleslaw & salad

Pizzas & Calzones

Stuffed crust £2 extra

Margarita - 10” £6.00.. 12” £8.00
Mozzarella & cheddar with tomato sauce

Buffalo margarita - 10” £6.95.. 12” £8.95
Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes & oregano, finished with extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil

BBQ chicken - 10” £7.95.. 12” £9.95. BBQ sauce, bacon, chicken, onions and sweetcorn

Vegetarian- 10” £7.95.. 12” £9.95 Tomato sauce, mixed peppers, sweetcorn & mushrooms

Chicken tikka -10” £7.95.. 12” £9.95 Tikka sauce, mixed peppers, onions & chicken tikka

Very hot & meaty - 10” £7.95...12” £9.95 Tomato sauce, pepperoni, spicy beef, bacon, mushrooms, and jalapeño peppers

Ham & goats cheese - 10” £7.95...12” £9.95 Tomato sauce and red onion chutney, mixed peppers, ham & goats cheese topped with fresh rocket

20” pizza with up to 4 toppings £22.00 20” four seasons pizza £24.00 Choice of up to 4 toppings on each quarter of the pizza

Create you own - 10” £7.95...12”£9.95 - Your choice of any 4 toppings -

anchovies, bacon, capers, tuna, chicken tikka, ham, mixed peppers, mushrooms, spicy beef, sweetcorn, mediterranean vegetables, jalapeños, olives, onions, prawns, pineapple, pepperoni, cheese, goats cheese All toppings 50p each

Sauces & seasoning BBQ, chilli, garlic, chilli oil, oregano, tikka masala, sweet chilli, tomato
Calzone(folded pizza) Served with salad and coleslaw

Chilli & cheese £8.95 - Homemade beef chilli topped cheese

Stilton, chicken and mushrooms £8.95 - Creamy Stilton sauce mixed with chicken & mushrooms

Garlic chicken £8.95 - Chicken in a creamy garlic sauce

Mexican chicken £8.95 - Chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms in a spicy tomato sauce

Hot & meaty £8.95 - Pepperoni, spicy beef , bacon, mushrooms and jalapeños in a spicy tomato sauce


Hand cut chips £2.50..... Sweet potato fries £2..50 .... Shoestring fries £2.50.... Mashed potatoes £2.50.....
Beer battered onion rings £2.50.... Side salad £2.50.... Coleslaw £2.50.... 7’ Cheesy garlic bread £4.50

Jacket Potatoes, Sandwiches & Baguettes

Jacket potatoes
Plain jacket potato served with salad £5.50
Toppings £1.50 each
Chilli & cheese
Tuna mayo & sweetcorn
Prawn cocktail
Bacon & Stilton.
Cheese & beans
Creamy Garlic chicken
Cheese & coleslaw
Creamy Chicken & mushroom
Filled baguette £5.95, sandwiches £4.95 served with salad and coleslaw
Ham & cheese Tuna mayo Cheese & onion Bacon, lettuce & tomato

kids menu

Chicken nuggets, chips or mash & peas or baked beans £4.95
Fish fingers, chips and peas/baked beans £4.95
Tomato pasta and cheesy garlic bread £4.95
7” pizza - Margarita £4.50 + any 4 topping £5.50


Desserts £ 3.95 each
Treacle sponge

Sticky toffee pudding

Triple chocolate brownie

Chocolate fudge cake

Cheesecake of the day

Cherry crumble pie

Rhubarb crumble pie
The above is served with either custard, cream or a choice of ice creams

Belgian waffles with ice cream, strawberries & chocolate sauce

Chocolate ice cream sundae- Caramel and honeycomb ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie pieces, topped with a wafer

Strawberry ice cream sundae- Strawberries, strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce topped with a wafer

Cheese board Selection of cheeses with crackers and red onion chutney

Ice cream per scoop £1.50 Salted caramel , vanilla, strawberry,
Dairy free chocolate & hazelnut

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